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Even though the world's so bad

these men rush out to help the dying

23 March 1990
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Kiwiana (inked)
Raised by wolves, kiwiana was discovered by Antipodean explorers in the latter years of the last century. Others have attempted to emulate her extraordinary personality, but in vain. Many have wrecked the ships of their egos against the rocky outpost of her erudite talent, and received nothing more than one elegantly raised eyebrow. In Time Magazine's 2010 list of Powerful New Zealanders, Peter Jackson commented "I only wish I had one tenth of kiwiana's moxie. But I'll keep trying." Queer, fair, and possibly "were-", kiwiana defies all expectation, and then defies the expectation of defiance.

--bio written bygretazreta.
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Think Before You Speak

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