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13 November 2010 @ 03:01 pm
Darren Criss on Glee: He's Making Parents Uncomfortable  
One openly gay character on a hit teen show makes parents rave. Two gay characters on a hit teen show makes some parents uncomfortable. That appears to be the case with the introduction of Blaine, the new gay character on Glee, as played by television newbie Darren Criss.

Chris Colfer has been receiving rave reviews of his performance of the character Kurt Hummel on the hit Fox series since it debuted last year. His ability to play an openly gay character full of teenage angst including his crush on quarterback Finn has been a major hit with teens and fans alike. It is the introduction of a new character who may be a potential love interest for Kurt that has gotten some parents squirming in their seats.

Darren Criss’ debut performance in the role of Blaine has gotten tongues wagging. Some folks are hoping for a love connection between Kurt and Blaine. Some folks are definitely hoping the storyline gets trashed. His addition to the cast has already brought about Kurt’s first kiss although it wasn’t Blaine giving the kiss and some parents are concerned with where the story is headed. Based on comments on our previous posts on Darren’s addition to the cast some folks believe that having a same sex love story on early in the evening is inappropriate for kids or that the show is pushing too progressive of a storyline for the innocent eyes of teens to see.

It is apparently alright to introduce a new love interest for Quinn this season, but Kurt is going to have to wait for love until people become a little more comfortable with a gay love story on the show!

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I am... horrified but not surprised, which is a really fucking depressing state to be in. I have a lot of Thoughts and Feelings about this episode which I have not yet expressed, but Darren Criss was a fucking standout and I think his character is one of the most realistic and relateable on the show so far and it is so fucking annoying to have people expressing so much bigotry and homophobia under their ~think of the children~ guise. So, so much hate. Fuck the world.
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bexta1989bexta1989 on November 13th, 2010 02:13 am (UTC)
I never knew who Darren Criss was until Glee, but I think he was awesome and I love Blaine and Kurt and really hope the writers and network don't bow to peer pressure and manage to give them a believable storyline. Then again, the show is on FOX.
The part that irks me the most is the parents worried it's making impressions on innocent teens. Innocent teens? Since when? If you ask me, the scenes with Sam/Quinn or Finn/Rachel were much more naughty that any flirting between two openly gay boys.
But then again, I'm a tolerant person and a lot of people aren't.
emeraldusemeraldus on November 13th, 2010 02:46 am (UTC)
Huh, so it's okay for the guys to fondle girls' thighs at the innocent hour of 8PM but too racy for one guy to kiss another? As Buffy would say, your logic does not resemble our Earth logic.
Pythiapythia on November 13th, 2010 06:40 am (UTC)
I love his character. I think it's great that there's another gay character - it was starting to feel a little like all the minorities where just their as tokens, since there's generally only one. One gay character. One Black character. One fat character, etc. One disabled character. I'd really like to see some more characters who aren't sterotypically hot, like most of the cast. When you look at them, ALL the main characters are good looking.
The only people in the show who would really be considered not attractive in some way are Bieste and Jacob, and both are pretty much outcasts even to the Glee kids, which pisses me off.
Pythiapythia on November 13th, 2010 06:42 am (UTC)
Also, Blaine was hot. Haha.